Ibnutaymiyah Institute of Islamic Law


Ibnutaymiyah Institute of Islamic Law is a community institution for Muslim students founded by the Islamic community in Columbus, Ohio. Its philosophy is grounded in the teachings of Allah (swt) through His book, the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). It is an institution where each student is stimulated to grow into a true Muslim.

The educative process seeks to instill in each student the desire to learn and the competence to interpret, apply, and integrate their knowledge of Islam. In this process the faculty is a source of knowledge and provides the leadership, guidance, evaluation, help, and inspiration. Education at this institution seeks to preserve the general and the cultural character of the Islamic society.

To provide the atmosphere and facilities necessary to fulfill this goal, the faculty has established the following objectives:


  1. To help the students deepen their Islamic commitment by providing courses in Quranic studies, Islamic beliefs, Islamic manners, and Islamic history. These courses emphasize Islamic manners and ethics using the teaching of Quran, sunnah of Prophet (pbuh) and Islamic history.
  2. To help students in practicing Islamic values by creating an atmosphere suitable for them.
  3. To direct students in their quest for the knowledge of Islam by:
    1. a. Skillfully using   tools of communication by like readings, speaking and creative expression.
    2. b. Reasoning and analyzing constructively in various independent and teacher – directed classes and activities.
    3. c. Making use of a wide variety of instructional experiences such as videos, films, lectures, symposia, etc. To establish cooperation between parents and teachers, by creating open communication channels through the school website, progress reports, conferences and written messages.

Program Hours

The program is two days a week – Friday and Saturday – with two session each day.
Time: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Admission Requirements

  • Students to be enrolled in the program must be 14 years old and shall be able to pass the admission test.
  • Students must be enrolled in regular schooling (public or private) and should have good academic and behavioral performance records.

Contact: Institute@ibnuttaymiyahohio.org

Phone: 614-418-9137